via Romare Bearden, artist, poet, genius…

Romare Bearden, artist, poet, genius…



I know a woman who gets up every day with a smile on her face. She is greeted by a voice asking her if she is ready to start her day and graciously accepts being stripped down, bathed and cleaned from head to toe, in spite of the humiliation it may bring.  She speaks about the sun, the latest news, the visitors the day before, the Queen, her son, recalls all the friends that left her life too soon and those she refers to as “The Saints in her life”.   She inspires, motivates, shares, provides and educates, in spite of her limp limbs,  aged, arthritic filled joints and years just short of a decade.  I know a lady who smiles and whispers through weakened vocal cords a favorite song. She willingly accepts her instructions and wheelchair-bound fate after years of dancing, traveling, and managing a fully self-sufficient life. She is famous.

I know a man who gets up every morning steps into his Barber Shop and awaits his regular customers.  Those customers are the neighborhood kids, who have found a role model, a safe haven, a place of solace.  I know a man who has become a father for a community of fatherless children trying to find their way in a sea of violent, poverty-stricken streets. He does it with a smile every day. He is famous.

I know people that are watching the planet die, children lay in the fetal position want their parents to return and schoolchildren whose bodies are filled with toxic water. I know people that support attacks on race, gender, and religious persecution.  First, second or any other constitutional rights do not matter. They are not for country, nor countrymen, but profit mongering does. Familyhands do not matter, power does. They are famous too.


I am guilty of being born, being observant and smart.  I am guilty of being curious, sensitive and introspective.  I am guilty of being involved, being too passionate, being too liked, too pretty, too confident, too opinionated, too friendly, to kind, to supportive, too involved.  I am guilty of having too much fun, taking to many risks and being defiant.  I am guilty of demanding respect, believing in justice and fighting for equality.  I am guilty of having a mind, having a voice, having a womb and having a heart.  I am guilty of being a mixed bag of beautiful people with big butts and pointy noses. I am guilty of speaking up, pushing back and not giving up. I  am guilty of walking, speaking and living with confidence.  I am guilting of pushing back against abuse, injustice and therefore don’t stay in my lane all the time. I am guilty of hating selfishness, cruelty, racism, sexism, ageism, and hatred. I am guilty of loving beyond measure, believing in the cosmos, The Angels, and God.  I am guilting of chasing rainbows and stopping to look at butterflies. Yes, I will try to help or save a human or a bug before standing by and watching it die. I am guilty of breathing while black, believing in choice and giving to the homeless.  I am guilty of boycotting, divesting and standing my ground.  I am guilting of never quitting on love, on people, on life, my family, friends, on mother earth or any living being.  I am especially guilty of expecting the same, therefore, never quitting on myself.  Yes, I am guilty of being strong and sensitive and messy and complex and love.  I am guilty as charged and damn proud of it! What are you guilty of? PEACE


You can’t explain it, but it gnaws at your heart, tugs on your spirit and chases you in your sleep.  You are reminded in the notes of songs, conversations, the words that lay boldly on the pages of a book. Everywhere you go there is something that pulls your mind back toward it. Your spirit is speaking, calling you toward something.  That something is intended to take you outside your comfort zone. There is something you must see, must learn and/or embrace about you.  The spirit knows what is best for you, the mind negotiates what’s safe for you and the ego feeds fear, insecurity, doubt, defenses or worse danger.  Yet you know your best is yet to come. Follow that little whisper, it will surely take you are meant to go.  Live your purpose, tell your story.




20170616_143006Do you tell yourself you can’t, you shouldn’t, don’t, and second-guess the things you know in your spirit will make you feel good? Has your life been a series of people places and things that insist you play it safe or worse penalized every time you dared to speak up or try to go in a different direction? When that little voice inside you continues to affirm your choices it is telling you to light that match and ignite your spirit. Set it on fire and let it free to breathe. Regardless of whether something is holding you back or someone makes no difference. What matters is that you trust yourself enough to commit to your dreams, goals, and aspirations at your pace, your way on your terms. Life can often have a series of events that come like waves, every time you get back up, you find yourself rolling about gasping for air, trying to find your balance again. The good news is if your reading this, you survived. The better news is as the saying goes, “What does not kill you makes you stronger”. You have to trust that these things are simply a test of resolve and your willingness to persevere. In spite of and because of life’s test. listen to your inner voice, trust the voice that gives you a sense of hope, puts a smile on your heart and gives you that feel-good feeling? We are all here for a reason, we all have something that is meant to be shared with the world. Make today the first day that you commit to you, begin trusting your own voice, dancing to your own rhythm and singing your own songs.  If you have naysayers telling you to wait, don’t, you can’t, or shouldn’t, tell them you love them, appreciate them and let them know that no matter your life choices that your love for them does not change, just because you do. More importantly, reiterate that their support matters. Life has taught me misery loves company, sometimes your growth does not allow people to be in the same space. Love them anyway, just do it from a distance. Your assignment is to take those with you that support you and to love you unconditionally.  Change, will sometimes take you in a new direction, use that fear as adrenaline if that is the case, but keep your eye on YOUR PRIZE. Take a leap of blind faith may be scary for, but you will never know unless you try. Worse case is it won’t work as planned, and you have to reset, but you will feel better about yourself for aspiring and moving outside of a safe place.  Make today, a day to love yourself, to dream your dreams. Make it a good day by turning down the “I can’t noise” and turn up the GODS GOT THIS, volume, trust yourself, live your truth and believe in your greatness! Period.


Welcome to Ceeplicity,

Has anyone ever been plagued with years of upheaval, emotional struggle, or what may have felt like a spiritual attack that seemingly went on forever? Were those challenges due to loss of love, loss of someone (s) or something? For me, there was a moment in time where it seemed the tightly wound binding that held all the pieces of my life in place all began unraveling and at such a speed, salvaging any part of the frayed pieces seemed nearly impossible. Guess what my friends, disentangling false truths, dismantling your house made of sand and being exposed to immense suffering can be the best worst days of your lives.

Why? Because I am a testament that rivers of tears eventually break the last tethered string that allows you the freedom to flow with the current towards frighteningly, exciting, unknown possibilities. It drops you to your knees in desperate prayer and removes any doubt about Gods purpose or ability in helping you navigate the muddiest, darkest waters imaginable.

They say that our true character rests in our ability to endure and overcome with grace. Well, I have come to realize, the grace comes after the messy, ugly, embarrassing, moments of purging and screaming into your weathered pillow. But giving yourself permission to mourn, is the first major step toward healing anything life throws at you. Days of the mountain like molehills and molehill like mountains will help you to realize anything can be overcome through sheer will, perseverance, determination and purely unapologetic faith!

My intent in beginning this blog is to allow you a place to suffer honestly, heal slowly and evolve authentically. While I have been at the bottom, I saw the ugliest places in man and found the most beautiful in myself. While I continue to find my rhythm to push and thrive, the best parts we can share are our metamorphosis. Blessings come in the strangest form and from the oddest of places. God planned something for me! That was very much a part of a bigger plan for you. Ceeplicity, is learning that drowning in simplicity, is the best way to allow grace to enter your life. Surviving, changing, growing and evolving is a tortuously wonderful journey of self-discovery. Share in my passionately filled story, come with me, as I discover more, grow more, rage more, teach more, preach more and learn more. I hope you will feel hope beyond measure and that I can inspire the best parts of you. This, my friends is a let go, and let it flow, open mind, open heart, open space that will engage all subject matter. Let’s take this ride through the grand rapids of life with simply ceeplicity. PEACE